Merchant Services

Reduce merchant expenses

Merchant expenses are often ignored in dentistry. Mostly because analyzing all the expenses as an owner causes unnecessary anxiety. But with SynergizeDental, you can save money with no extra hassle. 

card wallet capabilities

month-to-month contract

automatic recurring payments


powerful reporting tools

web payment functionality

stand-alone & virtual terminals

no setup fees

no early termination fees


Eliminate unnecessary fees and expenses

With every swipe of a card, SynergizeDental can provide you peace of mind that you are getting the most savings with no hidden fees.

There’s no need for that additional stress and anxiety. Reach out today to get a free merchant analysis. Not only will you be saving money… but you’ll also have peace of mind with every swipe.


Member Merchant Rate


Average Member Savings


Member Swipe Fee


Staying accountable and transparent

We prepare all accounting information for review by SynergizeDental accountants for the preparation of monthly financial reports. These help with budgeting and forecasting to help you achieve the goals you set. And to top it off, we can calculate profit distributions and year-end reconciliation of draws.

Customized Payroll

Catering to your unique needs

Are you ready to have someone else manage all your payroll needs? In addition to the standard, a customized payroll system will give you complete peace of mind and eliminate any distractions from dentistry.


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