Founded by a dentist

Been there, done that. Even though the world continues to evolve, the fundamentals of dental practice success remain the same. At the end of the day, we help dentists create their ideal dental practice.

About Synergize Dental

I guess you could say we’ve got big dreams…

To enhance dentists’ abilities to lead and manage their practices, providing them with any resource needed to successfully achieve their organizational vision.

Dr. Scott Craven

Where it all began

Dr. Scott Craven began practicing dentistry in 1996. His many years of experience paved the way for his expertise in all aspects of general dentistry, including restorative dentistry, oral surgery, dental implant placement and restoration, cosmetics, endodontics, orthodontics, and laser assisted dentistry.

But of course, it didn’t stop there. Dr. Craven has seen it all. He owned a small, private practice, and also managed a large group practice with over 60 personnel and 12 dentists. During his tenure, the practice experienced significant growth, tripling its revenue in just four years. 

In 2006, Dr. Craven recognized the needs of other private practices in his area. That’s when he decided to establish Synergize Dental. A network of independent dental practices supported by business management services. This network quickly expanded, giving them buying power and connections for support. 

In 2015, he expanded operations to better support the needs of the dentists within the Synergize Dental network. Dentists could now participate in a group designed to provide services, consulting, and coaching that empowers independent dentists to compete in a changing and increasingly competitive dental market.

But apparently dental school wasn’t enough. Dr. Craven returned to school to acquire a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling, and later a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Leveraging this knowledge, he focuses on how dentists can become incredible leaders and how teams can work together to generate lasting success.


The Ideal Dental Practice

The Ideal Dental Practice

Discovering the 9 Practice Personality Types

From “Squirrels” to “Scrooges”, every dental practice falls into (at least) one of nine potential dental practice personality styles. Financial or emotional frustrations, inconsistent productivity, and team drama are just symptoms of a much deeper practice personality disorder.

As with any health struggle, it’s important to treat the root cause, instead of constantly masking the symptoms – or worse yet, ignoring them entirely. This book will help you transform limiting trajectories into long-term success.

Values that keep us accountable

We live by our core values. Building long-term relationships with dental practices can only happen as we provide unparalleled support.


We treat each other and our clients with dignity and respect. We always respect the opinions and views of our clients even if we don’t agree. We communicate clearly, and with sensitivity, any feedback necessary to empower our clients.



The quality of our service and products are impeccable. We provide great value to our clients, achieving high levels of satisfaction. We continuously refine, improve, and add to our products and services to better meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.


We know that each of our clients has unique circumstances, challenges, and goals. We listen, analyze, and provide all of our means to empower clients in their vision.


We trust each other to be supportive at work, open and honest with our communication, and that we have each other’s best interests in mind.


Integrity is the foundation of all that we do. We are honest in our words and we do what we say we will do. At work we give 100% of our effort.


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