About Synergizedental

Founded by a dentist, for dentists

Providing stability and growth for dentists in an ever-changing marketplace. We understand the unique challenges dentists face as they try to develop their practice. We utilize our expertise and experience to serve your every need.

Our Vision

To make dreams a reality

We empower dentists everywhere by enhancing their abilities to lead and manage their businesses and by providing them with any resource needed to successfully achieve their organizational vision

What We Believe

Staying accountable to our clients

We live by our core values. Building long-term relationships with dental practices can only happen as we provide unparalleled support. 


We treat each other and our clients with dignity and respect. We always respect the opinions and views of our clients even if we don’t agree. We communicate clearly, and with sensitivity, any feedback necessary to empower our clients.


Integrity is the foundation of all that we do. We are honest in our words and we do what we say we will do. At work we give 100% of our effort.


The quality of our service and products are impeccable. We provide great value to our clients, achieving high levels of satisfaction. We continuously refine, improve, and add to our products and services to better meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.


We trust each other to be supportive at work, open and honest with our communication, and that we have each other’s best interests in mind.


We know that each of our clients has unique circumstances, challenges, and goals. We listen, analyze, and provide all of our means to empower clients in their vision.

Who We Are

Driving relationships and results

To build a great dental practice, you’ll need more than a smile and a few pointers. Our team is full of experienced leaders your practice can count on.


2685 N 1000 W, Suite 202
Pleasant View, UT 84414

(801) 786-0500

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