Back Office Systems

Get paid for your work

When you provide great dental care to your patients, you deserve compensation. Insurance company reimbursement or patient financing requires a system of action to make sure your production isn’t in vain.

Dental Bookkeeping


of dentists say poor communication between their back office and customers has led to nonpayment

Oftentimes, the back office staff are among the people your patients engage with the most, from initial treatment coordination to recurring payments. Patient relationships can be negatively impacted when clear expectations and communication isn’t established early.

Additionally, all the back and forth with dozens of patients a month is difficult to track. With important information strewn across multiple email threads or channels, it makes sense why collections can quickly become an overwhelming burden.

It’s time to work with accounts receivable experts to streamline the collection process. Our proven back office systems will take your production and cash flow to the next level.


Dr. Anthony L., DDS

I’ve relied on Synergize Dental for over 10 years now for business services. They keep an eye on the numbers and make sure everything is accurate and running smoothly.


Dr. Kent S., DMD

It’s just been nice to have more transparency into how things are going for us. Helps us get back on track when we need to.

Collaborating with insurance companies


Dental credentialing can be an effective channel for more patient referrals. Working with insurance companies to review and qualify you as an in-network provider is incredibly valuable. Insurance plans are a great way to gain instant access to a larger overall pool of patients in your area.


Apply to multiple insurance carriers in your area


Analyzing your service area


Send claims with the correct provider information


Negotiate the fee schedule


Starting the credentialing process early

Collect what’s owed

You can produce like crazy, but if you don’t collect on what you produce, it doesn’t really matter to your practice. In fact, it becomes a burden. We help you quickly and effectively collect from insurance companies, manage patient payment portions, and eliminate bad guarantor debt altogether.


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