Practice Growth Systems

Maximizing your revenue potential

Plateaus are normal. But growth requires attention and dedication to keep your dental practice from shrinking among all your other dental competitors. It’s time to unlock your growth.

Developing a growth mindset

Without effective reporting metrics, it’s impossible to determine growth for your practice. Many dentists simply feel like their operations are running smoothly, so they don’t bother to check in on the growth projections. 

Think of your dental practice like an escalator. If you’re not moving up, you’re probably moving down. There’s rarely such a thing as stagnation when it comes to business. 

If you’re not actively looking to acquire new patients, as well as implement systems to handle the increase, your dental practice will be in trouble. 


Dr. Blake C., DDS

The busier I have gotten the more I have valued services being coordinated so I don’t have to work on my own. I think their services are better than any I’ve ever used.


Dr. Jared H., DDS

I love the reports they do. They actually sat down with me and explained everything in the report so I could actually understand how my practice was doing.


Dr. Kent S., DMD

It’s just been nice to have more transparency into how things are going for us. Helps us get back on track when we need to.

Front office training for better patient experiences

Our front office makes everything possible for us dentists. We love and appreciate them beyond measure! But sometimes they just aren’t given the tools and resources to be successful. 

From phone call training to case acceptance improvements, we make sure your team is empowered to deliver incredible first impressions to your patients. 

Front Office Training
Dental Bookkeeping

A back office system to collect on your production

Cash flow is just one of those headaches about running a business. Without a strong system in place for collections and credentialling, your practice could be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. 

It’s time to work with accounts receivable experts to streamline the collection process.

Create your ideal dental practice

Clinical optimization

The more effort you put into providing great patient experiences, the more likely you will be to increase their total lifetime value. Patient satisfaction is the single most important factor that influences customer retention. So in this case, quality leads to quantity.

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Dental marketing

As dentists, we know what it takes to run a successful marketing strategy. We help dental practices increase their new patients through fully-optimized websites and monthly digital marketing services. This results in an average of 150% increase in monthly new patients within six months.

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The Ideal Dental Practice

The Ideal Dental Practice

Discovering the 9 Practice Personality Types

From “Squirrels” to “Scrooges”, every dental practice falls into (at least) one of nine potential dental practice personality styles. Financial or emotional frustrations, inconsistent productivity, and team drama are just symptoms of a much deeper practice personality disorder.

As with any health struggle, it’s important to treat the root cause, instead of constantly masking the symptoms – or worse yet, ignoring them entirely. This book will help you transform limiting trajectories into long-term success.


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