Dental Bookkeeping

Compliant and organized financial records

Spend more time with patients and less time hovering over a spreadsheet. We’ll keep track of your revenue and expenses, providing you with valuable benchmarks for sustainable growth.

dental bookkeeping


of organizations reported they experienced cases of fraud in the last 24 months

Whether intentional or not, fraud is a real problem in the dental industry. Without safeguards in place, you could be putting your practice at risk. We check and balance Day Sheets on a timely basis to help guard against any fraud or mishandling.

In fact, in 2022 alone, we saved dentists in our network over $1 million from potentially fraudulent charges. Dentists that do their own bookkeeping might miss important red flags, which can cost them thousands of dollars without even noticing.

Protect your practice from fraud with our comprehensive bookkeeping services.

Streamline your dental bookkeeping



We monitor the accounts receivable and report on the financial health of the practice


We ensure your scheduling supports the financial goals of your practice


We provide budgeting support and financial projections


We offer comprehensive insights into your monthly operational costs (equipment, supplies, payroll, etc.)

Our dental bookkeeping experts eliminate a time-consuming administrative task from your plate. With structured systems and technology, we streamline your accounting process so you can spend more time with patients.

Rest easy knowing our team is tracking all of your expenses and revenue to ensure your practice can thrive. Our flexible bookkeeping solution can be tailored to the specific needs of your practice.

We maintain all your accounting files with back-ups of each file. We’ll also keep records of all deposits made and monitor timeliness and accuracy of each deposit. If you need us to order banking supplies, we can help with checks, deposit slips, endorsement stamps and more.

Realizing your financial potential

Dental bookkeeping will bring light to your finances. It can help you see if you’re getting ROI with your marketing efforts. It can help you understand your case acceptance rate. You can have insights into your collections.

We prepare all accounting information for review by Synergize Dental accountants for the preparation of monthly financial reports. These help with budgeting and forecasting to help you achieve the goals you set. And to top it off, we can calculate profit distributions and year-end reconciliation of draws.

This information is critical for the health of your operations. That’s why we offer a free hidden growth report to help dentists find tens of thousands of dollars in immediate revenue potential.


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