Dental Practice Management

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Dental practice management focuses on three core areas of growth: reporting, administration and clinical support. By optimizing these pillars, you can develop a highly functioning practice in no time.

Reports Analyses

Moving forward with confidence

Data-driven decision making takes the guesswork out of practice management. It is important that you, as a practice leader, know your numbers intimately. SynergizeDental can provide a robust battery of reports that will give you the data you need to make needful and logical decisions regarding your practice.

Need help Understanding and interpreting a P&L?

What Key Performance Indicators should you be looking at?

Do you have data-driven goals and action plans?

Business Administration Support

Improving patient experiences

The front office is the first impression of your office, whether it is the new patient calling with questions or when they are greeted as they walk in the door. Empower your team with proven systems that will create the WOW first impression your practice deserves.

New Patient Conversions

Our “secret shopper” calls suggest that the average practice botches new patient calls over 65% of the time. I know, you think your receptionist is the exception. So did I, until I heard a secret shopper call of my receptionist. It’s devastating to learn that an untrained receptionist can single handedly (and likely unknowingly) thwart the growth of your practice significantly.

Treatment Coordination

Case acceptance is a huge opportunity for your practice. Creating value of treatment and then finding creative financial solutions is key. Once again, an untrained employee can keep you from tens of thousands of dollars if this is not handled correctly.

Accounts Receivable

You can produce like crazy, but if you don’t collect on what you produce, it doesn’t really matter to the business. We help you quickly and effectively collect from Insurance companies and manage patient payment portions and eliminate bad guarantor debt altogether.

Hidden Potential Growth Report

Get a free analysis of immediate revenue opportunities for your practice

Clinical Support


Turn your hygiene department into an education center that skyrockets your productivity.

  • Develop systems and attitudes that emphasize education and value creation
  • Create efficiencies that will maximize hygiene productivity
  • Implement robust recare systems that will keep the lifeblood of your practice flowing


Whatever stage of dentistry you are at, we are here to help with any clinical or procedural questions you may have. We can help you develop the confidence to do the dentistry you love and want to do.

  • Develop high performance assistants in your practice
  • Train Clinical procedures that you want to gain more confidence in. Oral surgery, wisdom tooth removal, full arch implant restorations, cosmetics, laser dentistry, endodontics, sleep apnea and TMJ treatments, and more

Additional services

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Make data-driven decisions


Build trust with your staff



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Merchant Services

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