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The front office is the first impression of your office, whether it’s the new patient calling with questions or when they’re greeted as they walk in the door. Empower your team with proven systems that will create the WOW first impression your practice deserves.

Front Office Training


new patient conversion rate should be the minimum standard for your practice

Unfortunately, when the front office is neglected, new patient conversions often drop below 45%. To contrast this, dentists that provide front office training see an average of 70% conversions. This means that you’re losing 25% of your income potential from new patients.

And that’s just for scheduling new patients for your office. But what about the process of explaining treatments and helping them accept your dental recommendations? Many dental offices feel uncomfortable offering more expensive procedures.

All of this can be resolved and optimized with the right dental front office training. We make sure your staff is operating at maximum efficiency.


Dr. Bryce F., DDS

It’s so detailed it actually can feel a little overwhelming at first. But they do a good job of going through it with us and pointing out the important things.


Dr. Jared H., DDS

I love the reports they do. They actually sat down with me and explained everything in the report so I could actually understand how my practice was doing.

The secret caller program



Effective and friendly greeting


Knowing when to transition


Data capturing for future nurtures


Asking the right questions


The dual alt close

Accountability helps us improve and develop our skills. Our secret caller program grades your front office on five key components of a successful phone interaction. This is a great way to gain insight into your new patient conversion effectiveness.

Our proven system for increasing new patient conversions over the phone focuses on how to nurture someone to make an appointment.

Elevating the case acceptance rate

Understanding how to communicate with patients is critical for them when it comes to accepting recommended dental procedures. Many dentists shy away from recommending dental implants or veneers because they believe the patient won’t be able to afford it.

We’re here to help you change that mentality. You are a fantastic dentist offering fantastic treatments. Why would you deprive your patients the opportunity to improve their quality of life? Shifting your mentality about these treatments will ensure you have the patient’s best interest in mind as you speak with them.

Maximizing your retention systems


Data shows that it is at least 7x more expensive to acquire a new patient as it is to retain an existing one. So what are you doing to ensure you retain your hard-earned patients? We train your dental front office on the best systems for increasing the lifetime value of every patient you see.

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Promotions and discounts

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Birthdays and holidays


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