Clinical Optimization

Provide the highest quality care

Are you operating at maximum efficiency? Do your patients absolutely love their dental work? Developing a positive reputation in your community starts with excellent patient care.

dental bookkeeping


of adults experience dental anxiety

Our teeth and smiles are very sensitive. The sounds of drills and those zings of pain can really make patients nervous about visiting your office. But there are ways to ease their minds and help them feel more comfortable during their appointment.

The more effort you put into providing great patient experiences, the more likely you will be to increase their total lifetime value. Patient satisfaction is the single most important factor that influences customer retention. So in this case, quality leads to quantity.

Hygiene that rocks

Your hygiene department is an essential component of practice growth. Hygienists can build relationships with patients as they perform regular cleanings and help patients feel more at ease. We can transform your hygiene department into an education center that skyrockets your overall productivity.


Develop systems and attitudes that emphasize education and value creation


Create efficiencies that will maximize hygiene productivity


Implement robust recare systems that will keep the lifeblood of your practice flowing

Dentist mentorship programs

Whatever stage of dentistry you are at, we are here to help with any clinical or procedural questions you may have. Our consultants are dentists with over 25 years of experience. We can help you develop the confidence to do the dentistry you love and want to do.

  • Develop high performance assistants in your practice
  • Train clinical procedures that you want to gain more confidence in
  • Excel in specialties like oral surgery, wisdom tooth removal, full arch implant restorations, cosmetics, laser dentistry, endodontics, sleep apnea and TMJ treatments, and more


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