Dental Business Systems

A system designed for your independence

Finally. A way to empower dentists to reach their full operational potential, without sacrificing their freedom.
Your success is our only priority.

Where it all went wrong

Business education is severely lacking in most dental schools. This forces dentists to choose between starting in a corporate setting, joining a DSO or partnering with a more seasoned dentist.

The problem is, in each of these situations, you don’t actually have much freedom or control. In a corporate environment, you have set hours you must work for a predetermined salary. In a DSO, you may feel trapped by a complicated contract. And with a partner ‘showing you the ropes’, there’s no guarantee that they were trained on business systems either.

With Synergize Dental, you can keep your independence, while implementing powerful business systems to create your ideal dental practice.


Dr. Blake C., DDS

The busier I have gotten the more I have valued services being coordinated so I don’t have to work with the payroll process on my own. I think their services are better than any I’ve ever used.


Dr. Jared H., DDS

I love the reports they do. They actually sat down with me and explained everything in the report so I could actually understand how my practice was doing.


Dr. Kent S., DMD

It’s just been nice to have more transparency into how things are going for us. Helps us get back on track when we need to.

Streamline your dental bookkeeping

Our dental bookkeeping experts eliminate a time-consuming administrative task from your plate. Our dual control systems ensure that your books are accurate and protect you from embezzlement and fraudulent activity.

Proper bookkeeping is the only way to accurately measure performance and provide the data you need to manage your business. With structured systems and technology, we streamline and maintain your accounting process so you can spend more time with patients.

dental bookkeeping
Dental Bookkeeping

Establish a foundation a payroll stability

Working with a dental payroll service will reduce your risk, free up your time, and prevent unexpected tax penalties or fines. We make sure you and your team are rewarded for your efforts. We’re here to make sure you have the freedom and flexibility to build your ideal dental practice.

Create your ideal dental practice

Taxes are a headache of the past

As the saying goes, nothing in this world is certain but death and taxes. When dentists decide to tackle their own taxes, they open themselves up to mistakes. These mistakes can result in IRS audits, business penalties, or even expensive fines. We want to avoid all that.

Saving you money on supplies

We’ve made it our top priority to develop strategic relationships with the best dental supply manufacturers. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for the sake of cost. We’ve partnered with Henry Schein, KaVo, Ultradent, 3M and more to give you the best dental supply cost savings.

Data and reporting keep us accountable

We analyze the core pillars of performance to measure your financial standings and potential. We highlight growth opportunities, as well as identify challenges that can be addressed and corrected. No point keeping your head in the sand forever.


The Ideal Dental Practice

The Ideal Dental Practice

Discovering the 9 Practice Personality Types

From “Squirrels” to “Scrooges”, every dental practice falls into (at least) one of nine potential dental practice personality styles. Financial or emotional frustrations, inconsistent productivity, and team drama are just symptoms of a much deeper practice personality disorder.

As with any health struggle, it’s important to treat the root cause, instead of constantly masking the symptoms – or worse yet, ignoring them entirely. This book will help you transform limiting trajectories into long-term success.

Accounts Payable (your bills don’t take the day off)

Paying your bills is important but can be a real nuisance. Keeping track of your accounts, ensuring funds are available, and being timely with your payments is our specialty. We manage these accounts for you professionally and accurately so you can focus on taking care of your patients.

Front Office Training
Dental Bookkeeping

Document Management (where’s that contract!?)

Ever been asked for an important document like an operating agreement or lease contract only to scratch your head and wonder? Only after rummaging through files, cabinets and piles of paper did you finally find it? We can help you keep track of these important documents and when your accountant or other professional asks for it, you can simply refer them to us and go back to work.


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