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Practice insights for data-driven decisions

Numbers, charts, graphs… we’ve got it all. There’s a lot of data to process in a dental practice. We only show you what’s important for sustainable growth.

dental bookkeeping


of dentists actually have a business degree

Happy patients and a good office culture are important, but how do you know if your practice is making any money? Most dentists don’t want to spend all their time analyzing data or generating reports. After all, you went to school to be a dentist, not a statistician.

Dental reporting is difficult and time consuming. This means you can either trudge through the numbers yourself, outsource the reports, or ignore it entirely. Believe it or not, a lot of dentists actually choose the latter.

When you partner with us, you get immediate access to data that can have a significant impact on your bottom line.


Dr. Bryce F., DDS

It’s so detailed it actually can feel a little overwhelming at first. But they do a good job of going through it with us and pointing out the important things.


Dr. Jared H., DDS

I love the reports they do. They actually sat down with me and explained everything in the report so I could actually understand how my practice was doing.

Data keeps us all accountable



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Accounts receivable


Continuing care


Production & collection


Insurance summary


Adjustment reports




Bonus reports

Performance that is measured and reported accelerates the rate of improvement and growth. If you want to be more efficient in the long run, accountability is a must.

We analyze the core pillars of performance to measure your financial standings and potential. We highlight growth opportunities, as well as identify challenges that can be addressed and corrected. No point keeping your head in the sand forever.

“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.”

— Daniel Keys Moran

Without dental reporting, your practice is in the dark. Are you getting a return on investment with your marketing efforts? What is your case acceptance rate? How much money is still in collections?

Our dental reports are an important source of information to all stakeholders involved in the practice. With a business plan in place, these reports outline your finances, strategies and future goals for growth. Basically it’s a medium to communicate the progress of your practice.

When we conduct our free hidden growth report, we often find tens of thousands of dollars of immediate revenue potential. That alone shows the power of reporting for dental offices.


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