Ensuring compliance and eliminating risk

We handle all accounts payable in a timely and orderly fashion, and prepare and submit Quarterly/Annual sales and use taxes. Our team can also balance any bank or loan statements you may have.

Complete Security

Protect your practice from fraud

Whether intential or not, fraud is a real problem in the dental industry. Without safeguards in place, you could be putting your practice at risk. We check and balance Day Sheets on a timely basis to help guard against any fraud or mishandling. 


Keeping track so you don’t have to

We maintain all your accounting files with back-ups of each file. We’ll also keep records of all deposits made and monitor timeliness and accuracy of each deposit. If you need us to order banking supplies, we can help with checks, deposit slips, endorsement stamps and more.


Staying accountable and transparent

We prepare all accounting information for review by SynergizeDental accountants for the preparation of monthly financial reports. These help with budgeting and forecasting to help you achieve the goals you set. And to top it off, we can calculate profit distributions and year-end reconciliation of draws.

Customized Payroll

Catering to your unique needs

Are you ready to have someone else manage all your payroll needs? In addition to the standard, a customized payroll system will give you complete peace of mind and eliminate any distractions from dentistry.


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