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We make life easier for you and your team

Synergize Dental is a full-service accounts receivable management company for independent dental practices. Now you can focus on quality care and patient flow, while we take the administrative burden off your shoulders.

Dr. Scott Craven

Remove unnecessary burdens

Maximize profits and eliminate lost funds with a trusted dental billing consultant. Our dental billing services cover everything to ensure healthy accounting, including:

  • Proper electronic claims
  • Attachment submissions
  • Accurate posting of all EOB payments
  • Credits and adjustments to patient accounts

We also investigate and appeal any questionable denied dental insurance claims, while keeping your practice in the loop. Our dedicated billing and consulting experts have hands-on experience in the dental industry to meet your needs. Our team deals with insurance companies to empower dentists to do more dentistry.


Dr. Blake C., DDS

The busier I have gotten the more I have valued services being coordinated so I don’t have to work with the payroll process on my own. I think their services are better than any I’ve ever used.


Dr. Jared H., DDS

I used to do the payroll, which wasn’t terribly difficult. But at the same time, I didn’t love spending my time doing it. Synergize Dental just completely takes it off my plate.


Dr. Anthony L., DDS

I’ve relied on Synergize Dental for over 10 years now for business services. They keep an eye on the numbers and make sure everything is accurate and running smoothly.

Benefits of partnering with Synergize Dental

Increased earnings and reduced A/R

Our practice management experience enables our team to support your needs. We prevent rejected claims, appeal claim denials, and obtain payment from dental insurance billing prior to accounts aging.

More time for patient care

How often are you or your office manager tracking down unpaid claims? Eliminate this time-consuming task from your plate so you can focus on growing your practice. Provide great patient experiences and find ways to drive new patients while we handle the rest for your dental office.

Maintain stability and accountability

Nothing is better than knowing you have a high-functioning team monitoring accounts receivables. With our skilled support team members, you will never need to worry about disruptions to insurance collection due to illness, vacation or staff turnover.

Better organization

We’re here to help you streamline and standardize your billing processes and insurance verification. Our proven methods of practice management will elevate the skills and operations of your entire practice.

Elevate your staff

With dental consulting, we will train and elevate your staff’s potential. Analyzing your team will ensure everyone is being utilized properly and your practice is in the best position to scale quickly.

Fast and efficient pay

When your paid claims increase, you eliminate lost revenue potential. We identify and correct any existing inefficiencies to help you maximize your earnings. Take full advantage of all the dental insurance payment options available to ensure the fastest pay times.

What is your dental practice score?

Practice Vitality Assessment

Immediate revenue opportunities

Structured systems and technology create a streamlined accounting process for success. Our flexible bookkeeping solutions can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of your practice. Our dental billing consultants maintain all your accounting files with back-ups of each file. We’ll also keep records of all deposits made and monitor timeliness and accuracy of each deposit.

  • We monitor the accounts receivable and report on the financial health of the practice
  • We ensure your scheduling supports the financial goals of your practice
  • We provide budgeting support and financial projections
  • We offer comprehensive insights into your monthly operational costs (equipment, supplies, payroll, etc.)


The Ideal Dental Practice

From “Squirrels” to “Scrooges”, every dental practice falls into (at least) one of nine potential dental practice personality styles.

Financial or emotional frustrations, inconsistent productivity, and team drama are just symptoms of a much deeper practice personality disorder.

As with any health struggle, it’s important to treat the root cause, instead of constantly masking the symptoms – or worse yet, ignoring them entirely.

Business owner. Dentist. We know your pain.

As much as dentists love clinical work, they also carry the burden of running the business. Often this adds a lot of extra work besides dentistry to their plates. This includes things like payroll, accounting, reporting, training, and other administrative tasks. This can quickly overwhelm and exhaust your team.

Our dental billing consultants provide balance and offer solutions for these demands. Using proven systems of success, we can immediately improve and optimize your current business operations.


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