Maximize efficiency and increase practice growth

Any challenge can be overcome. Our strategic dental consulting services will identify areas of growth opportunity to get your practice back on the right track.

Dr. Scott Craven

The business side of dental practices

As much as we love clinical work, dentists also carry the burden of running the business. That means a lot of work besides dentistry. Things like payroll, accounting, reporting, training, and other administrative tasks. This can quickly overwhelm and exhaust your team.

Our purpose is provide balance and offer solutions for these demands. Using proven systems of success, we can immediately improve and optimize your current business operations.

Comprehensive analysis and guidance

Accountability measures

The key to establishing reliable outcomes includes implementing a system of accountability. Our enhanced reporting will help you keep track of all your spending and make strategic growth decisions. It also shows Key Performance Indicators to ensure your dental practice is always headed in the right direction.

Improving patient experiences

From start to finish, it’s important to nurture a wonderful patient experience. We empower your team with trainings and tools to succeed. Now you can improve new patient conversions, streamline treatment coordinations, and simplify accounts receivable.

Clinical support

When it comes to clinical consulting, we offer insights for both hygiene and dentistry. Our systems will turn your hygiene department into an education center that dramatically improves productivity. We can also guide you through any clinical or procedural questions you may have.

Team dynamics

Communication is key to a highly functioning team. Understanding how different personality types work together can dramatically improve the culture of your office. We ensure you have strong team dynamics for greater retention and happier employees.

What is your dental practice score?

Practice Vitality Assessment

Immediate revenue opportunities

Most dentists don’t even realize they could instantly boost their revenue with a simple practice audit. On average, our Hidden Potential Growth Report uncovers between $600K – $2M in uncaptured revenue. By maximizing the current systems you have in place, you can see immediate improvement to your bottom line.

Don’t let any of your hard work go to waste. Our dental consulting services will help you reach the next level of success, right out of the gate.


The Ideal Dental Practice

From “Squirrels” to “Scrooges”, every dental practice falls into (at least) one of nine potential dental practice personality styles.

Financial or emotional frustrations, inconsistent productivity, and team drama are just symptoms of a much deeper practice personality disorder.

As with any health struggle, it’s important to treat the root cause, instead of constantly masking the symptoms – or worse yet, ignoring them entirely.

Business owner. Dentist. We know your pain.

We offer stability and growth for dentists in a constantly evolving marketplace. As a business owner and a practicing dentist for over 25 years, Dr. Scott Craven knows how to help you succeed.


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