Top 10 Dental Practice Management Books

Are you looking to improve your patient flow for your practice? Maybe you need some insights to structuring your organization. Or perhaps you just want to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and research from the dental industry.

Consistently reading dental practice management books will keep your dental practice at its highest potential. Learning from other dentists and practice owners is certainly preferable to learning from your own mistakes.

1. The Ideal Dental Practice

By Dr. Scott Craven

This book takes a unique perspective on dental office management. Through it, you can diagnose your practice with one of nine listed “Practice Personality Disorders”. Financial or emotional frustrations, inconsistent productivity, and team drama are often symptoms of a much deeper problem.

Just like any other health concern, this book seeks to treat the root cause of the disorder, instead of constantly masking the symptoms. In addition to being a practicing dentist of 25 years, the author has a Master of Mental Health Counseling and PhD of Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Certainly a refreshing approach for dentists!

2. Dental Practice Hero

By Paul Etchison

This book has a focus on developing leadership qualities as a dentist. Using business systems, you can improve marketing and clinical operations to create a thriving, growing practice. The goal of the book is to take your practice to the next level by helping you inspire your team and become a visionary leader.

The author hopes this book will be applicable both to your dental practice, as well as your everyday life. Becoming a leader is an essential part of growth and success for a business.

3. The Startup Dentist

By Stephen Trutter

Although many dentists want to own and operate their own practice, many never see that dream come to fruition. It can be very discouraging and difficult to start a dental practice from scratch. When it comes to dental practice management books, this one empowers dentists to take the leap to private business.

This book provides practical tools, unfiltered advice from experienced professionals, and success stories from thriving dentists. The goal is to help dentists have a fulfilling career despite the early hurdles.

4. Titans of Dentistry

By Justin Short

The purpose of this book is to identify and present the difference between top performing dental practices and the average practitioner. Leveraging many interviews and other research, they offer business advice and insights to skills you need to run a successful operation.

These interviews offer secrets to success from real practicing dentists. By learning how top performing dentists think and behave, you can start to implement changes to see your own practice growth.

5. By the Numbers

By Addison Killeen

Taking a more statistical approach makes this one of the top dental practice management books on the market. Focusing on reliable numbers that are proven to improve the daily operations and profitability of your practice.

From taxes to operational checklists, this book is dedicated to improving the bottom line. Instead of focusing on the fluff, this book provides the hard numbers and data that are critical for the success of any practice.

6. How to Buy a Dental Practice

By Brian Hanks

Although this isn’t entirely focused on dental practice management, it’s a great resource for dentists looking to purchase another practice. This book provides the questions to ask and the things to watch out for when acquiring a new dental office.

Buying a bad practice will lead to more stress and financial burdens. This book seeks to arm its readers with specific knowledge to find, analyze and purchase the best dental practices.

7. The Bulletproof Practice

By Peter Boulden

Using unique business models, the author seeks to redefine the dental industry standard for the patient and the dentist experience. They use their book to provide insights on how to stay competitive in an ever changing marketplace.

They dive into specific actions dentists can take to build a successful practice. With a focus on things like dental leadership, team development, key reporting metrics, and innovative marketing practices. This is a great read for any dentist.

8. Profit First for Dentists

By Barbara Stackhouse

It’s no secret that dentistry can be an expensive profession. With the costs of business always rising, it’s important to arm yourself with the knowledge and tools to stay profitable. This book addresses specific financial challenges that dentists often face within their operations.

Leveraging financial processes and using stories from dentists to guide you in the right direction. From a financial perspective, this is one of the best dental practice management books for dentists.

9. The Practice Whisperer

By Travis Campbell

Dental school doesn’t always do the best job in preparing you to be a business owner. This book seeks to fill in those gaps to help decrease stress and restore your passion for dentistry. Sometimes doing the administrative tasks can take the fun out of your work.

In an era of corporate growth, this book offers the tools and resources to compete in such a marketplace. Running a successful business is just as important as knowing the clinical aspects to your operations.

10. How to Build the Dental Practice of your Dreams

By David Moffet

This book simplifies the methodology to increasing new patients, charging the right amounts, and getting more large cases. This is outlined in the Ultimate Patient Experience system for a practical and effective way to see results.

Focusing on patient interactions, this book will help you provide better experiences in order to increase your bottom line.

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